A heavenly guest room where you can enjoy the luxury of waking up above the sea

“Tsuru” occupies the whole top floor of the New Wing.
This is a deluxe guest room with two adjacent Japanese-style rooms and one Western-style room with twin beds.
You can view the port and city of Otaru with their great atmosphere, and beautiful mountains which look differently according to the season, in addition to the Sea of Japan.
You can forget your fatigue from travel in our spacious private bath (hot spring).
From the bath, you can enjoy a beautiful view unique to Otaru to your heart’s content.

  • Floor plan of the guest room
  • Location of the guest room
15 tatami mats + 12.5 tatami mats (anteroom) + 30 sqm (Western room) + tatami mats (Fumikomi entrance) + tatami mats (Hiroen terrace)
Room facilities
Lavatory, wash room and private bath (hot spring)
Bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, hair brush, hair elastic, cotton puff and swab set
  • Main room
  • Western-style room
  • View
  • Private bath (hot spring)