Casually enjoy the hospitality of the herring estate with excellent food and the hot spring.

In this one-day plan, you can enjoy Hiraiso Hot Spring and a meal which Ginrinsou proudly offers.
You will be satisfied with the rich quality of the spring powerfully gushing out from 1,300 meters below ground level, which is free from a chill after bathing, and the wild atmosphere of an open-air bath made of rocks.

Lunch course and bathing(without staying at the hotel)<Reservation-only>
prices start at 3,800yen(including tax and service charge)

Using seasonal food materials unique to Otaru, which is full of delicious foods, the chef of French cuisine of Grill Ginrinsou will offer colorful dishes, putting his heart into each dish.

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Plan Detail


Please enjoy the plan in the following order.

(1) A special lunch course at Grill Ginrinsou
(2) Bathing in the hot spring

* Bathing time is from the end of the meal to 14:30.
* It will be temporarily closed at 15:00.

(3) A rest at Lounge Ginrinsou

* Please enter from the door on the side of Grill Ginrinsou.

Prices and Content of Meals
Content of Meals
(including tax and service charge)
Per adult Per child
Lunch Plan
Plan A : 3,300 yen
Plan B : 4,400 yen
Plan C : 5,500 yen
Plan D : 8,800 yen
Kid’s Curry Set
1,950 yen

Bathing fee 15 years old or over Under 15 years old
500 yen(Bath tax included) 300 yen

* Free of charge for children under the age of three. (No meals will be served to such children)

Place for Dining
Grill Ginrinsou
Place for Taking a Rest
Lounge Ginrinsou (2nd floor of Grill Ginrinsou)
Reservation and Usage Hours

Reservation is required at least a day before the date of usage. Please choose the usage hours from among the two following options.

(1): 11:30 to 15:00
(2): 12:00 to 15:00

Up to ten guests are acceptable for each of the usage hours options every day.

Closed on
You can make a reservation by phone.
TEL +81-134-54-7013
On regular holidays, reservations will be accepted at 0134-54-7010.