An artesian hot spring with abundant water gushing out.
“Hiraiso Hot Spring” with excellent spring quality which prevents a chill after bathing

We have a private spring source within our site, spewing out water from 1,300 meters underground. The water with excellent quality is directed to the wild open-air bath made of rocks, the large spa and private baths in guest rooms. In the baths, you can watch the northern sky, the sea, mountains behind and all the surrounding nature that look differently in the morning and evening, and feel totally relaxed.

  • Open-air bath

    The open-air bath is one of the symbols of GINRINSOU. It is a very wild, 100-tsubo rocky bath. Stones with names collected from all over Hokkaido are arranged in the bath. When you soak in the bath, you can sometimes hear a whistle of a train of the Hakodate Main Line running along the coastline, sea breezes, cries of black-tailed gulls and a whistle of a ship, and feel the unique atmosphere of the port town Otaru. Seen from the open-air bath, the beauty of the sun rising from Ishikari Bay is beyond description.

    Bath time
      6:00~  9:30(Last admission at 9:00)
    15:00~24:00(Last admission at 23:30)

  • Large spa

    A magnificent, large, circular, oriental-style bath. Abundant mineral water gushing from the deep underground flows out of a mouth of the sculpture of a holy beast without ceasing. The source is a sodium sulfate spring reputed to be soft on the skin. The horizontal line of Ishikari Bay spreads endlessly outside the large window.

    Bath time
      6:00~  9:30(Last admission at 9:00)
    15:00~24:00(Last admission at 23:30)

  • Private bath

    A luxuriously spacious private bath (hot spring) is provided in the special Japanese-style room in the Main Wing and all the guest rooms in the New Wing. It is enjoyable to watch the rich natural landscape changing according to seasons from large windows, while soaking in the bath. You can leisurely enjoy luxurious bath time at any time without being interrupted by anyone.

  • Name of spring source
    Hiraiso Onsen, 2nd spring (Address of the gushing point)
    Sakura 1-1-2, Otaru City, Hokkaido
    Spring source data
    (1)Spring quality Sodium 1-sulfate and chloride spring
    (2)Spring temperature 51.3 degrees
    (3)Ph value 7.3
    (4)Output 43 liters per minute
    (5)Said to help relieve arteriosclerosis, chronic skin disease, nerve pain, and help to recover from fatigue
    (6)Gushing condition Drilled and lifted with a motor pump
    (7)Spring source Artesian (single source)
  • Indications
    (1)General benefits of a medical spring Helps reduce nerve pain, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, numbness from exercise, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic diseases of digestive system, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, recovery from sickness, while helping recovery from fatigue and improving health
    (2)Benefits peculiar to the spring quality Helps reduce arteriosclerosis, cuts or burns, and chronic skin diseases