Warmness of the water gushing out.
Overlooking the sky and sea of Otaru

The Japanese-style rooms in the New Wing command a luxurious view that can be enjoyed only from Cape Hiraiso, one of the most scenic spots in Otaru since long ago.
Mountains connecting Otaru Port and Cape Takashima can be viewed from a large window and, after sunset, a night view of Otaru lit up in a fantastic way will give you a romantic travel experience.
The private bath (hot spring) has two windows in different directions, creating a calm, relaxing bath time.

  • Floor plan of the guest room
  • Location of the guest room
12.5 tatami mats + tatami mats (Fumikomi entrance) + tatami mats (Hiroen terrace)
Room facilities
Lavatory, wash room and private bath (hot spring)
Bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, hair brush, hair elastic, cotton puff and swab set
  • Main room
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  • Private bath (hot spring)