Architectural beauty and the Ishikari Bay spaciously spreading in a curve

The sparkling blue of the ocean and sky, the evening sun melting into mountain ridges, lights in the twilight, the thin moon shining in the night sky, and a peninsula emerging in the morning light.
A view of Ishikari Bay seen from the Hiroen terrace of the two adjacent rooms and the excellent design of every detail of the transoms, fusuma (paper-covered sliding doors and partitions) and alcoves will fascinate you in this special Japanese-style room.
You can always relax and enjoy plenty of hot water gushing out in the spacious private bath (hot spring).

  • Floor plan of the guest room
  • Location of the guest room
12.5 tatami mats + 10 tatami mats (anteroom) + tatami mats (Fumikomi entrance) + tatami mats (Hiroen terrace)
Room facilities
Lavatory, wash room and private bath (hot spring)
Bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, hair brush, hair elastic, cotton puff and swab set
  • Main room
  • View
  • Private bath (hot spring)

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