Fulfilling time during the journey, watching the scenery of Otaru from the courtyard

This room faces a courtyard overlooking the city of Otaru, which is one of the sources of pride for Ginrinsou.
In the evening, the illuminated city looks so fantastic.
Various high-quality pieces of furniture refined with the passage of time will also melt your heart.
This not-too-magnificent space will create a fulfilling time during the journey.

  • Floor plan of the guest room
  • Location of the guest room
12.5 tatami mats + tatami mats (Fumikomi entrance)
Room facilities
* No lavatory, wash room or private bath is provided in these rooms.
Bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, hair brush, hair elastic, cotton puff and swab set
* Lavatories and wash rooms are provided in the large spa.
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