Reflecting the history of a former herring estate and the architectural beauty which has been maintained for years in every detail

Japanese Zelkova lumber lying long, and fusuma and lights with elaborated designs.
This Japanese-style room in the Main Wing seeks the beauty of Japanese architecture in its every detail and revives the pride of the former herring estate.
It commands a fine view of Oraru Port, the city area and mountains that look differently according to the season.
You can have a fulfilling travel experience.

  • Floor plan of the guest room
  • Location of the guest room
14 tatami mats (equivalent to 16 tatami mats) + tatami mats (Fumikomi entrance) + tatami mats (Hiroen terrace)
Room facilities
Lavatory and wash room
Bath towel, toothbrush set, razor, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, hair brush, hair elastic, cotton puff and swab set
  • Main room
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